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welcome to Alchemiest - Holistic Yog

Welcome to Alchemiest

Find solutions to all your problems of life through Holistic Yog and experience a profound transformation !!!


Body is our sacred temple that we live in and Body is a our physical expression in the matrix of Existence !!!


Mind is the only tool that connects us ( higher self ) to the physical body and the physical world !!!


Self / I / We / Higher self !!!

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What we do

Alchemiest is a holistic Yog Institute that offers unique holistic solutions to cure most common health related issues in the form of meticulously designed one of it's kind of interactive workshops. These interactive workshops enriches participants life by imparting age-old ancient applied knowledge in most comprehensive manner. We do use our expertise of seeing through BMS ( Body, Mind & Soul ) matrix and thereby we do work at various levels of the being and that causes the Alchemy !!! That means that once You take the workshop from Alchemiest and You do undergo a Permanent Transformation !!! Our mission is to enrich as many people's lives as many possible by helping them in bringing out the Best version of themselves . We as human beings have following main concerns in our life _ Money, Career, Success, Wealth, Relationship, Love and Health. And nobody can deny that amongst all the above humanely concerns Health is the most important concern and there for must be dealt first. At some point in our life all of us have experienced that even slightest of uneasiness caused due to common cough and cold is sufficient to call for our attention and because of this it becomes difficult for us to attend the very task at hand full heatedly and that affects the quality of the work . And any health issues do not let us enjoy the blessings of the life to the fullest. And sometimes unattended small issues causes it to turn into much bigger issues. And then it takes 10 times more effort, money and time, So as the famous saying goes _ Prevention is Better than Cure !!! it is wise to take care of our health always by making it our first and foremost concern !!!

"Elixir of Youth"

Elixir of Youth workshop will teach you about those ancient secrets about restoring youth as long as possible. These secrets have been gaurded for ages and though have been available to great ascetics/ yogis and mystics. They do live on this Earth plane as long as they wish or until their mission on Earth is completed.
By attending the workshop "Elixir of Youth" you will learn those secrets about anti_ageing so that you can stop ageing further. When we are talking about anti_ageing, we are referring to stopping biological ageing as obviously we would continue to age chronologically.
Along with these invaluable ancient secrets you will also get number of bonuses for free. You would cure chronical diseases ( if you have any ) like _ backache, headache, any body pain ( inertia ), joint pain, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart problems, obesity, tension, depression, anxiety, intestinal disorder _ indigestion, acidity, gastric issues etc etc.

Infact, I appreciate your wise decision of taking this workshop " Elixir of Youth " as investment for self transformation is the best investment. This investment in health is actually going to save your thousands/ lakhs of rupees which otherwise would be spent in treating chronic diseases in future.
Not only great saving of money but also of your precious life's golden moments of happiness. Because anyone can enjoy their lives truly only with healthy body and mind.

Further, here is a great news that this " Elixir of Youth " workshop is for everyone without any age bar or sex bar.
Youths would learn to retain their youth as long as possible with minimal of efforts.
And those who are in their 40s and 50's would first of all stop ageing and in due course would start reversing the ageing progressively.
And those who are veterans would start improving their longevity and would regain their bounty of energy ...and then stopping ......and then ....

Infact taking " Elixir of Youth " workshop is the best medical/ health insurance policy that gives long life peace along with number of dividends that too by making nominal one time investment.

I do believe that being healthy must be everyone's top priority. Rest all other things would fall into it's places with much less efforts like career, money, wealth, relationship, love, happiness etc.

I do not deny that there are thousands of people who are successful in making their careers by getting their dream job or running a profitable business or people who are enjoying perfect Relationship or people who have found their true love.....however there is a phenomenal difference in the quality of the life they all are leading without being healthy in real sense.
Infact almost everyone continue to live life engrossed into certain domain,/ domains of life and hardly introspect within untill it's too late.
One should actually pause for a moment and look within and ask themselves if they are really happy, contended ?? ....Are they living their lives to the fullest ??



Our Purpose _ Alchemiest's purpose is to get a deeper connect with the people, the society so that some most important and meaningful drive could be initiated so that deeply seated pains and problems could be dealt with and as a result the level of collective consciousness would be raised !!!


Our Vision _ Alchemiest's vision is to not only witness but also be the part of the most wonderful process of merging of all kinds of boundaries and formation of just one and the only Global Community. And that we all are living life to the fullest in such organically upgraded most beautiful loving environment subjected to continuous evolution !!!


Who can attend this workshop and get benefited ?

There is no any age bar or sex bar. Male and female both of any age can be benefited by this workshop.

What is it exactly, exercises, medication or ...... ...... ...... ...... what ????

It the unique and special package based on Holistic Yog. There is no any rigorous or heavy gym like exercise or no any other medication. Elixir of Youth is all about secrets about ageing and anti_ageing and about reversing the biological age!!! Secrets we're known to the yogis and hence they always lived very long lives as long as they wanted and they had agile and young body and brimming with the energy. This package is result of years of in-depth study of Holistic Yog. There is wisdom from Ashtang Yog, there is wisdom from Goutam Budha teachings, there is wisdom from Ayurveda, there is wisdom from Tibetan Monks .... ..... .....etc

Do participants need to be Yoga literate??

No. Exercises are very simple though very effective and powerful. It's not even time consuming. One can perform them in about 20 to 30 min.

What about the obesity??

Obese people can be benefitted too. Infact they will get rid of obesity once and for all.

Can people having cardiac issues participate in the Elicir of Youth workshop and be benefitted ??

Yes, infact people sufferings from any chronic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, backache, headache, migraine, indigestion, gastric problems, insomnia, depression, anxiety, obesity, cardiac issues ... .... ..... etc must take this unique workshop this will not only help them curing these chronic diseases faster but also restore general health permanently and naturally ......And of course curing chronic diseases is a by_product of this anti_ageing and age reversing program.

Could the anti_ageing and age reversing course be completed in a 2 days program plus the bonuses of curing the chronic diseases ?

This is a 21 days program including 2 days of residential workshop. In the Elixir of Youth workshops, all secrets will be revealed and infact taught to you. This is a highly interactive workshop that works on far deeper level and hence it is way effective.

Nowadays everybody is very busy with their lives, so high could one could maintain regularity ?

It will be shown to you how at least 20 min could be extracted out of busy your busy life.

Let's say someone is 45 years old and little obese and asthematic and looks little older than the real age then in what kind of time frame one can expect to see results ?

You will see results from very first day. The transformation will start on deeper and micro level and stopping ageing further and reversing it will start taking place and would show up in about 2 to 3 months .....infact that would vary person to person. However if one wants to get transformed sooner than should be willing to mentored for slightest of your doubts or the challenges.

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